Monkston Stone Pier Caps

Monkston Stone Pier Caps

The Monkston Pier caps are vast heavy weight pier cap cast from traditional concrete in a range of three colour options. The Monston pier cap offers great value for money and is manufactured to order to ensue the highest standards of quality are delivered. 

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Monkston Stone 15 inch Pier Cap

MONKSTON STONE 15 INCH PIER CAPWidth: 380mm Length: 380mm Height: 70mm-160mm ..


Monkston Stone 21 inch Pier Cap

MONKSTON STONE 21 INCH PIER CAP Width: 530mm Length: 530mm Height: 100mm-230mm ..


Monkston Stone 25 inch Pier Cap

MONKSTON STONE 25 INCH PIER CAP Width: 635mm Length: 635mm Height: 120mm-260mm ..


Monkston Stone 31 inch Pier Cap

MONKSTON STONE 31 INCH PIER CAP Width: 790mm Length: 790mm Height: 140mm-300mm ..