Concrete Panels

Concrete Panels

Precast concrete wall panels

We have a comprehensive range of precast retaining walls. Retaining wall heights start at 500mm and go up to 6m. Unit lengths vary depending on the product range, please see the individual product pages for more information.

The L-shape, cantilever retaining walls are the most popular in the range. They are often used as a more cost and time-effective substitute to in-situ designed retaining walls. The L shape walling is available in a wide range of sizes and with a variety of fixing details. For all of these units we have corner units available for creating storage bays.

Pre-stressed concrete wall panels

Manufactured to last, with a design life of up to 100-years, pre-stressed concrete panels can be installed horizontally between steel columns in portal framed building and between steel columns.

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Precast Concrete L Walls

Precast Concrete Retaining L Wall ProductsWe can now supply a wide range of reinforced precast concr..

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Prestressed Concrete Wall Panels

Prestressed Concrete Wall PanelsWe can now supply a wide range of prestressed concrete wall panels t..

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