About Kobocrete Ltd

Kobocrete Limited

Company number: 08435824

VAT number: 344 5944 79

Registered office address: Royal Observer Way, Seaton, England, EX12 2FB

Note: We do not stock or display any products at our office location.

Kobocrete Ltd are an established online company focused on distributing quality cast stone products throughout the UK including high quality Stone Pier Caps and Coping Stones at competitive prices. Kobocrete offer a huge range of Architectural Stone Products which are all manufactured to order here in the UK through our approved key manufacturing partners. 

Kobocrete are a motivated company aspiring to become a major online architectural stone distribution company, successfully distributing quality stone products to our clients.

Our Story...

Kobocrete all started with a present purchased for mothers day back on Sunday 18th March, 2012. To this day my mum still has the little statue nestled in one of her flower beds on her driveway. 

small statue

The product quality was so good I couldn’t wait to start. Soon after Kobocrete purchased a small business which delivered products to local garden centres on behalf of the manufacturer. We supplied around 40 garden centres and nursery’s. We were quick to learn that the route wasn’t going to be sustainable and decided to focus our efforts on supplying directly to the end user.

On 8th March 2013, Kobocrete Limited was born. Around the same time we also signed a distribution agreement with our manufacturing partner.

We focused our efforts on promotion of products and customer service. Consistently adding new products and partnering with companies with similar standards and principles to strengthen our business whilst offering our clients a wider product range.

In 2016 my wife and I decided we wanted to move to Devon with our young family to enjoy the countryside and seaside towns. It was here in Devon where we found clarity and started to focus on driving the business forward. In 2017 we started to build a new website focusing on SEO and customer experience. 

Every sale still gives me a buzz and I love our products we distribute. We have many repeat customers from across the UK. 

This is our story so far...